Service & Maintenance

Weekly Maintenance we would rather do while you enjoy your Pool or Spa

Water Testing

Check & balance water chemistry


Empty pump & skimmer baskets, brush & skim pool

Filter Cleaning

Disassemble & clean filter.  Clean and inspect equipment plumbing


Our in-house technicians will take care of your pool while you sit back and enjoy with family and friends

Water Treatment

Our Qualified techs come to you with mobile equipment to test and treat your water on-site and in one appointment.  No more driving your sample to be tested and then waiting for a tech to arrive.  We can take care of all your water control and care needs in a single visit at a time that's convenient for you.


Our qualified techs can swing by once a week to test and treat your water on-site at a time that's convenient for you.

We can take care of all the other things as well including service and maintenance for plumbing, pumps and motors, liners and covers and more.

Opening and Closing

We specialize in winterizing your pool or spa in the fall and re-opening it in the spring so you can focus on enjoying your sparkling water.  Although Kelowna is known for mild winters, it still drops below freezing.

Aqua Friends Pool & Spa will take care to properly winterize your pool and protect it throughout the winter.  When it’s time to open in the spring, we’ll ensure everything is running smoothly.  We can even take care of other maintenance issues such as plumbing, pumps & motors and covers & liners.

Protect your investment and quickly open your pool or spa in the spring so you can enjoy sparkling water all summer.

Plumbing and Filters

Aqua Friends Pool & Spa can take care of the more complex operations such as motor replacements, plumbing repair, lighting fixtures and filter housings, along with any other services that are needed to keep your pool looking and smelling clean and fully functioning.

Talk to our Representative who is available to help you in any way possible.