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Aqua Friends features an exclusive selection of MAAX® Spas products. Beyond the vast product options, you can always count on friendly, knowledgeable, and reliable service from our staff and technicians.

Fun is in Store

Our Kelowna spa and hot tub showroom carries everything you need to keep the fun going, including new hot tubs, filters, heaters, chemicals, pumps, and related accessories. Get directions to our showroom, today!

When you buy a hot tub from our company, you will receive 20% off all future chemical and filter purchases.

Softubs® soft hot tub


Aqua Friends also sells Softubs® the portable hot tub that provides all the same features of a stationary hot tub. If you move homes your Softub® can go with you without any major work needing to be done. Don’t let the fact that Softubs® are portable fool you, they are still weather resistant and able to withstand any weather conditions. You can also purchase surrounding decks and other stylish accessories to make your Softub® unique. You’ll love your new Softub® for these reasons and more:

  • Portability– Softubs® are the truly portable hot tub, weighing as little as 50 pounds when empty.
  • Ease of use– No special plumbing or wiring is required. Simply take home your Softub®, set it up and plug into any standard outlet.
  • Energy Efficient– Softubs® use a patented heat recovery system that keeps energy costs low. The filtered water is warmed using heat generated by the motor reducing energy consumption to an absolute minimum.

MAAX Spas Partners with Northern Exposure® to Create More Energy Efficient Hot Tubs

New in 2016, MAAX spas has partnered with the Northern Exposure® hot tub insulation system to create a hot tub with more efficient heating and lower energy costs. All sides of the spa as well as the floor and cover are lined with a reflective copper material that allows heat energy generated from the pumps to be reflected back into the spa. In addition the entire exterior of the hot tub is wrapped in 3M™ Thinsulate™ Insulation, the same material used in winter clothing. This patented system makes sure that energy created by the spa stays in the spa.

MAAX hot tub frame and insulation

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The Northern Exposure® system combined with the steel structure of all MAAX Collection spas also allows for complete service of the hot tub, something that is not possible with most conventional foam-filled hot tubs. It is possible for the tub to be serviced and brought back to factory specifications in your own backyard. The steel structure of the MAAX spas also means a longer lasting hot tub compared to those made from wood. Unlike wood, steel does not expand or contract with moisture which can eventually cause damage to the spa.

The Hottest Brands in Hot Tubs

The hot tub brands we feature within our showroom have been selected for their positive reviews and value they bring to our customers. The coming of 2016 has brought a new addition to the MAAX Spas brands we offer. We now also feature L.A. Spas as part of the MAAX Spas Collection. Some of the other popular brands we carry include:

MAAX Collection

Elite Spas

Vita Spa California Cooperage Hot Tubs Balboa Water Group Waterway L.A. Spas
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